Writing! What?

Throughout my day I typically communicate through email correspondence. Email is attributed to the bulk of my writing; the other portion is creating presentations for training staff. Email communication is frequent however I find that many ideas can be lost through email communication and tone is an issue. People tend to read between the lines when it comes to written communication, which can obscure your original message with someone else’s bias. One of my goals in taking this course is to improve the way I communicate with others in writing. Although I love writing there always seems to be not enough time in the day to actually practice.

I enjoy and dread writing at the same time. It’s nice to be able to communicate with others indirectly; however I feel that with writing if you are not clear with your communication it can lead to misinterpretation and changes in meaning of what you were actually trying to communicate. This causes confusion, and potentially hostility in the workplace depending on the environment.

The area I need improvement on is grammar. I went from French school to English school when I was younger with led to me forgetting the information I learned in French and missing the grammar education you get in elementary school in English. Basically my heads a bit of a mess when it comes to my education and skills.


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