No Spend -Day 3

Feeling good!

No Spending is on day three. Today was challenging, the office ordered in and I said no for the first time. I brought my lunch… it wasn’t the healthiest toast and jam for breakfast and instant ramen for lunch, but at least it was already paid for and I did not have to purchase my lunch. I was really craving starbucks as well, which is really weird since I am more of a tim hortons fan, but I kept to my goal and didn’t get one.

I came home, my roommate is going on vacation and has about a million things to do before she leaves, so she was running around and was going to do errands, since she doesn’t drive and I had nothing to do I offered to drive her. We went all over the place and the world works in mysterious ways, because after the driving around she offered to by me starbucks. It all worked out in the end… I think Dave Ramsey would be proud #debtfreejourney


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