No Spending- Day 2

My 30 days of posting is going good. I need to start with small goals and small accomplishments to keep the momentum going.

Today I was able to not spend any money, which is pretty much unheard of for me. I brown bagged my lunch, and cooked my own dinner. I have to say its pretty amazing considering most of my credit card debt went to food because I was eating out at least on meal a deal. Let me tell you, it may seem cheap but five to fifteen dollars everyday adds up to quite a bit of money over the year. I don’t even want to look and calculate how much I spent on skip the dishes, but I think I might go ahead and do that for curiousity sake….I can be seriously stupid at times.

Take a moment guys, re adjust your life. I did it’s going to be a hard, but I look foward to the day I can scream I AM DEBT FREE #DaveRamsey #DebtFreeJourney


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