Trying to get back into the Budgeting Habit

So, I am trying to get back into the budgeting habit. I just finished my excel budget for the first time. I’m trying excel for the next month to see if I like it better for budgeting purposes rather then using every dollar. I think the budget looks good, quite a bit of my income will be going to paying towards my debt payment over 50% which I think is great. The budget is really tight and not much room for wiggle room. I feel this is necessary since I have been slacking quite a bit and ended up with more credit card and line of credit debt which now needs to be paid off.

I should have my budget video for September on my YouTube Channel and I am working on more content for the channel. I think it’s part of my goal to stop procrastinating and start working on my channel. I think it will help to have something to focus on and have it be part of my general weekly to do list.

Also part of my goals is to start writing and reading more and stop binge watching Netflix and cable. Granted as I write this I am binge watching YouTube, granted I am binge watching Budget Girl, Dave Ramsey, and Freedom in Budget, so at least its aligning with my goals and future goals.

Still focused on my goals, hopefully being debt free in a year and a half and student loans should be paid off next month hooray!!!!



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